Monday, April 13, 2009

How kesari (flower) is used for pregnant women is it works?

In very large doses, saffron may induce abortions. Therefore, during pregnancy, use only normal cooking tips

Dates for flower shows in the east of scotland.?

A wee bit early for shows mostly fundraising sales on just now. Which part of east are you in? I%26#039;m in Dunbar.
Dates for flower shows in the east of scotland.?
I know there%26#039;s one in Chirnside (Nr Berwick) in August. The date will prob%26#039; be on their website.
Reply:I am sorry that I don%26#039;t know the answer to this question because I would like to know myself and hopefully somebody will come along who can tell us. I think I read somewhere that the show usually held in the Duthie Park is moving to Hazlehead Park this year but might be misinformed. Hope somebody can tell us.visual arts

How do I start my own flower garden and what flowers are perfect for all year round??

should I go with already grown plants or plant seeds??
How do I start my own flower garden and what flowers are perfect for all year round??
%26quot;All year round flowers%26quot; are perennials. I%26#039;d suggest you start by checking out and or google %26quot;perennial plants%26quot; and you will get a plethora of catalogs to look through. Bear in mind your zone, soil type, and sun hours for the location you are considering.....
Reply:Depends on where you live and what zone you are in? If I had that information I could help you finance

Why do flower seeds take so much longer to germinate than vegetable seeds ? And they are so little !?

Many flower seeds are designed to travel through a bird%26#039;s intestines first, and/or pass through a very cold winter spell. See why size matters?

Most of the food seeds we currently use are hybrids, the results of dozens of years of fooling with. One desirable trait is fast germination.

Also most beans can be dried, then boosted with things like innoculants to germinate faster.c++

How can I get my Japanese Peace Lilly to flower??

My lilly isn%26#039;t doing to bad, its quite strong, but it hasnt flowered for ages. Ive started using miracle grow but with no success :(

any ideas??
How can I get my Japanese Peace Lilly to flower??
If you are talking about plant known as a Peace or Swan Lily, mine flowers almost continuously in the bathroom. It seems to enjoy the steamy atmosphere; I never let the soil dry out - it probably has half a cup of water a day.

Sometimes fertilising a plant actually stops it from flowering because it puts everything into producing leaves and doesn%26#039;t %26quot;feel%26quot; the need to reproduce; the flower is often a last ditch stand by a parent plant to make sure the species doesn%26#039;t die out.

My father was an orchid grower and he would be deliberately unkind to a plant which refused to flower - withhold water long enough to make it %26quot;think%26quot; there was a drought for example. This would be enough to spark off the need to reproduce by growing a flower!loan

How is flower?

Actually I am fine. How R U? (Unless flower is somebody else,like a nickname on yahoo answers) I am pretty. So, blah. I am a rose flower.

Flowers are pretty.
How is flower?
Flower is pretty.
Reply:They are very pretty.
Reply:flower is a noun

the part of a seed plant comprising the reproductive organs and their envelopes if any, esp. when such envelopes are more or less conspicuous in form and color.
Reply:it%26#039;s pretty and it smells nice!!!
Reply:good for making pancakes




I don%26#039;t know. hope flower is fine.
Reply:Fine, thank you, and how is waterfall?
Reply:i have a daisy in my breast pocket...??? you can have it if you want...Reebok

What is flower power?

It was a phrase used in the %26quot;sixties%26quot; to describe the peace-loving mindset of the %26quot;hippies%26quot;.
What is flower power?
free love man and groovy peacepuppy teeth