Monday, April 13, 2009

My orchid flower stem died.?

It died last year in Winter. Will it grow a new one this spring? Should I remove the dead stem?
My orchid flower stem died.?
If the stem is brown, cut it off---if it stays green leave it alone. It will eventually grow new stems with buds. Most of my orchids only bloom once or twice a year--just let them do their thing, and you will be pleasantly surprised1
Reply:I%26#039;m no expert, but when my orchid loses it%26#039;s flowers and the stem dies I cut it down as it dires out and turns brown. A couple of months later it blooms again.
Reply:i think you should remove it, the whole stem is dead, i dont think it will come back.


Reply:orchids are perrenial plants. that means they die ecery winter/fall and flower again once spring comes. Do not cut the stem off, leave it, and new buds should appear on it shortly.
Reply:orchid flowers are a very beautiful and delicate flower. they do die only in winter. they will grow back in the summer however, to increase the life expentancy of this flower mix clear gatorade with lemon juice and your flowers will live up to 4 months longer! goodluck!
Reply:Sometimes new buds will emerge on the stem, sometimes they won%26#039;t. If the stem is still green and flexible, I%26#039;d leave it. If it%26#039;s brown and brittle, cut it off. Either way, the orchid will eventually throw up a new stem.books authors

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